Supper on a Summer Sunday

I’m sitting on my deck with the dogs, watching The Dude add new steps off the deck. We are getting a black lab puppy in a few weeks and the step off the deck was a bit steep. So, it’s time for a little DIY around here! I’m so very lucky that my husband enjoys doing these kind of projects.

It’s a gorgeous day today in NW Indiana. Temperatures in the mid 70’s, low humidity, wispy white clouds in a pale blue sky. My idea of a perfect summer day. As I sit here I see the grill, and beyond that our garden that is loaded with tomatoes. This reminds me that I have to figure out what’s for dinner tonight. Well, by the time you read this we will have feasted on grilled chicken breasts and a lovely Panzanella Salad. I posted my recipe for Panzanella over a year ago, so if you are interested in making this delicious tomato, cucumber, pepper, and bread salad here is my link: .

On Friday, The Dude and I traveled to near-by South Bend. We were picking up a few items at Petsmart for the new puppy. Since we were traveling to South Bend we decided to go to one of our favorite supermarkets, Bamber’s. They carry so many different food items from around the world, as well as an incredible selection of cheeses, beers, and wine too. While we were there we picked up some flaked sea salt infused with smoke. This adds a phenomenal flavor to any grilled meats.

Smoke Crystal Flaked Sea Salt. Such an incredible, intense flavor.

Smoke Crystal Flaked Sea Salt. Such an incredible, intense flavor.

When I grill chicken I prefer to use chicken breasts with the skin on and still on the bone. I think it grills up much nicer and the chicken stays moist. If you are watching your weight then just remove the skin after it has grilled. Toss the chicken  breasts in a zip lock bag, pour a few tablespoons of olive oil in the bag, add your favorite fresh herb – we used Marjoram today, pepper, and salt. I used the smoked sea salt – yum!

Grill your chicken over medium high heat, skin side down. The chicken breasts we grilled were huge!!!! You will need to gauge the time based on the weight and thickness of the chicken you are grilling. Flip the chicken and continue grilling until done. The chicken should be firm, but not hard.

Plate the chicken and add the colorful Panzanella Salad. A nice dry Pinot Grigio wine would be a great beverage with this meal.

Lovely summer flavors. And  healthy too!

Lovely summer flavors. And healthy too!

So, get out to the grill and make this lovely dinner. It’s August and you don’t want to waste any beautiful summer days!


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Diva, dog lover, and main squeeze to the Dude.
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One Response to Supper on a Summer Sunday

  1. susan anlage says:

    Absolutely delicious. Thank you Eileen for great summer fare!

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