Resolution Ale Continued!

Remember several posts ago, when I shared my beer brewing episode? Well guess what? It’s time to bottle this brew! So, I thought I’d share the process with you.

The most important aspect of the bottling process is cleanliness. Everything (bottles, caps, buckets, all the siphoning equipment) must be sanitized before you do anything. So, this takes a little bit of time, since you want to make sure all of your items have had a chance to dry before you start bottling.

Sanitized bottles drying out

The first thing we do when ready to bottle is transfer the beer from the carboy into a very large bucket. This is the point when we strain off the last of the hops that are settled at the bottom of the carboy. In addition, we do a final check on the alcohol content. Resolution Ale has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 6.3% with 163 calories per 12 oz. bottle.

The Dude and I taste the beer at this point to make sure we’ve gotten the product we hoped for! ¬†Remember that the beer is room temperature and flat at this point, but you get a clear profile of the flavors and how it will be when bubbly and chilled. I’m happy to say that the ale is exactly what I hoped for with a citrus, almost floral taste. The hops aren’t too strong, but it’s not too sweet or malty either. A very approachable, refreshing beer in my opinion! And the color? So pretty!

Before bottling we add the priming sugar syrup to the bucket. This is the magic that will bring out the carbonation once the bottles are capped. Once that is stirred into the beer we are ready to siphon the beer into the bottles and cap them.

Siphoning the beer into the bottles. Laverne and Shirley have nothing on me!

Beer is bottled and now we wait for the final conditioning process when the beer will carbonate and smooth out a bit more. We ended up with a little under two cases (44 bottles of beer). We will be drinking this in two weeks – just in time for the Super Bowl.

Almost ready!

Now I just have to finish designing the label for the bottles. I think the tag line will be – “Make a resolution to only drink great home brew!”



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2 Responses to Resolution Ale Continued!

  1. Very interesting post! I love learning the process involved.

  2. Justi says:

    Oh wow! This is cool….Cheers!

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