What the heck is a lambic anyway?

Beer. In our house it is held in high esteem. I’ll admit that until about 2 years ago, my idea of a great beer was a bottle of Corona with a lime wedged in it. Oh my, how times have changed!

Two Christmases ago, I bought my then boyfriend – now husband who is lovingly called The Dude in honor of his favorite movie – The Big Lebowski –  a beer brewing kit. Not a cheesy little Mr. Beer plastic keg that makes a couple of bottles mind you. I bought him a full on brewing set up with glass carboys, siphons, hoses, blah, blah, blah. The Dude can wax rhapsodic about all of that stuff. All I know is that he makes some damn good beers, and his hobby has become an obsession of sorts.

Last spring, The Dude and I ventured to the Blue Chip Casino to attend their first annual Brewfest. I’ve never seen so many people so geeked about beer, including my husband. There were so many breweries and distributors from all over the country, serving up every kind of beer and cider imaginable. It was then that my appreciation of beer truly took flight. Why? Because I discovered a magical beverage called Lindemans Raspberry Lambic.

Now, many of you may be saying, “What the heck is a lambic anyway?” Well, it’s a beer that is very sour. While the general brewing process is much the same as with any other beer, the difference is in the yeast that finishes the process. A lambic yeast is a wild yeast. In other words, back in the old days, they’d make up the wort, put in the hops, and then leave the open container in a barn somewhere. The wild yeast in the atmosphere would ferment the wort into a sour beer. I know, it doesn’t sound very appetizing, but apparently lambic beer can only be made in a very specific area outside of Brussels, Belgium. The climate and air make the magic possible. If you want to check out a bit of the process, check out Lindemans web site at: http://www.lindemans.be/start/home/en?PHPSESSID=854f2a4f0edca737e4f03d858c85ac72

But what makes this an amazing beverage is the addition of fruit. Lindemans has created raspberry (framboise), peach (peche), apple (pomme), cherry (kriek) and cassis lambic beers. The fruit balances out the sour overtones of the lambic and creates a slightly sweet, fruity beer. My personal favorites are the raspberry and peach – although I have a cherry in the fridge that I haven’t tried yet – so who knows!

Peach Lambic, ready to drink in my cool lambic glass!

If you’ve never tried a fruit lambic beer, I urge you to give it a try. If you don’t like beer, try one of my recommendations. If you do like beer, try one of my recommendations! It is a truly refreshing beer that will surprise you.



I’ve now tried the Cherry (Kriek) Lambic. Oh my! It is amazing! Hope you get a chance to try this soon!


About Eileen Dominick Long

Diva, dog lover, and main squeeze to the Dude.
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2 Responses to What the heck is a lambic anyway?

  1. Anna Keizer says:

    I’m not a huge beer gal, but I LOVE Lindemans! Can’t make up my mind which flavor I like best because they’re all delicious. 🙂

    • Eileen Dominick Long says:

      I’m loving the Cherry and the Raspberry. But of course, I love the peach too. Ah well, I love ’em all!

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