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The Tastes of Spain

Okay, I’m excited! Christmas came a bit early to our house. My paella pan, along with 2 pounds of paella rice arrived today. I’m thinking it’s going to be a Spanish New Year celebration around here, since I can’t wait … Continue reading

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Holiday Dinner Traditions

I wrote in an earlier blog about cookies and Christmas memories. As we get ever closer to the big Christmas holiday, I’m wondering what your plans are for the big celebration. Maybe you celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanza instead. Whatever holiday … Continue reading

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Paella – the original one dish meal

I love paella. I used to order it when we went to our favorite tapas restaurant. I thought it was probably too time consuming to make myself. I was wrong! Grant it, there are paella recipes that have extensive ingredients … Continue reading

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What the heck is a lambic anyway?

Beer. In our house it is held in high esteem. I’ll admit that until about 2 years ago, my idea of a great beer was a bottle of Corona with a lime wedged in it. Oh my, how times have … Continue reading

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Russian Tea Cakes

Okay, I don’t know how Russian these are but they taste like heaven. A buttery cookie loaded with nuts and coated in layers of powdered sugar. These are best served with a beverage. Coffee, tea or a nice glass of … Continue reading

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Neapolitan Cookies. A taste of Italy!

Here is my first cookie of the weekend. Delicious Neapolitan cookies that bring together the tastes of citrus, nuts, tart cranberries, chocolate and coffee. Okay, enough talk, lets get down to the recipe! Neapolitan Cookies A combination of two cookie … Continue reading

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Christmas Cookies = Memories

It’s true that certain tastes and smells bring on vivid memories. Who hasn’t walked into a room and experienced a vaguely familiar scent of perfume or cologne and been reminded of an old girl or boyfriend? Or… sit down to … Continue reading

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